Canon VS Nikon DSLR Cameras

 Canon and Nikon are the two largest brands which are providing excellent DSLRs. Both Canon  and Nikon DSLR camera provide similar features and fantastic image Quality. As of so many similarities, there are so many important differences between both brands that everyone should know before taking any decision. So let talk about it.

Canon DSLR camera

As when I go toCanon Customer Service Center I find that on an Entry level DSLR Canon places all main settings and Knobs around the LCD screen where they are found easily so it makes the photographers to take a  to change settings very smoothly. 

Benefits that Canon DSLR cameras provides are: 

1.    Megapixel Count: 

It is time taking to be able to crop in tight with more megapixels for which photographers don’t take care of it. For a few years now Canon has outperformed Nikon in terms of count. 


2.    Video: 

As Nikon also starts to catch on with 1080p video and a basic autofocus system in its most recent releases but still lags behind the Canon support DSLR. 


3.    Availability: 

 In the case of Nikon when it announces to launch a new camera, it frequently takes 4-8 months and before it is available in the market but Canon announces a new model of camera, it will take a short period of time to get in your hands. 


4.    Price: 

Nikon cameras and lenses are comparatively more expensive than Canon. 


5.    Focus Motors: 

While most of the lenses of Nikon have focus motors but Nikon DSLR cannot use all type of Nikon lenses. As all Canons, modern lenses have built-in focus motors.

Nikon DSLR Camera

Nikon DSLR camera does not have a naming label or a lens tier system. All Nikon lenses that are packaged in your camera kit built to a high standard than those packaged with a Canon kit. If you want to purchase a kit that has a good camera with a good learning lens than you should go with Nikon. 

Some of the features of Nikon DSLR camera: 

1.    Flash control: 

Nikon had better built-in options for nice controlling off-camera flash for years but Canon has almost caught up with its new flash triggers. 


2.    Minor features Availability:  

Nikon has the minor features than Canon that is Nikon is more responsive to adding the minor features onto DSLRs But Canon has been refusing to add in fix features to their cameras over the years. 


3.    A large number of Autofocus points: 

NO doubt, Nikon has more autofocus points than Their Canon equivalents. 


4.    Large APS-C sensors: 

Nikon DSLR cameras have larger sensors in their crop sensor. 


5.    Low –Light Performance: 

Nikon has come up with more superior low-light cameras than Canons over the past two years.